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From Barcelona (EU) to the World

we gather, we help & resolve
your management needs

For Individuals, for privates, for crews...

Leave us the inshore work, stay focused into the race

For Federations, Clubs, Organizations, Companies

We can be your partner to keep rolling your Team

Looking for the Best paths for you

Control your sailing management from the distance and move to the next level


Oftenly it is hard to be aware of everything from everywere, then a reliable connection turns the things that seems complicated to simple ways.
When to afford local legality, register ships or vehicles becomes an standard. When contract an insurance for your boat or trailer should be then an easy method only following some steps.
Group your interests and share a container to follow the International circuit or receive an assesment/clearance at customs.

General Assesment for sailing projects

Container booking to worldwide

Pack & Unpack container suggestions

Custom Clearance and Import/Export advices

ATA Carnets & Tax office numbers

European legality recommendations

Representatives and Powers of attorney

Financial and tax consultants

Road moving orientation

General Assesment

 Plan your campaign in advance, guarantee your success

Share your interests

 Don’t move alone, always get mutual targets

Stress Management

 Request to experts then save time and money

Release the business

 Enjoy sailing and avoid usual business distractions

What to expect from us?
Why SailAgents?

Best ways to keep you confident on what you’re doing. We look for your interests and We respect your working methods. We recommend and you decide. You request and you have the final word.

Worldwide Movements

Book a container, share your cost with other sailors or Federations, check where to load or unpack it easily, follow all the transit time. Request us for destinations and conditions and we’ll quote you the best choices. Pack & unpack recommendations.

Custom Clearance

If You’re travelling with your equipment or your container needs assistance for customs orientation or Import/Export clearance, We are the best expertizes which will follow all the proceed and liberate your goods to let you go to the water soon !

Get your Tax ID

Registering your Federation, Club, Organization or yourself as Non-Resident into the tax system, will bring you advantages into the EU, you will be able to Import/Export yourself too. Insurances or ship flags can be now under your name.

Representatives & POA

Go an step forward, We can act for you as your representative and follow your guidelines, under a limited Power of attorney, to contract or hire for you all the services you may look for. We’ll walk with you all the way long the legality and Notary process.

Build your Company

Move to the next level and build your own Enterprise, high benefits but legal and accountancy obligations too. Contact us on how to.

About Me

Sailing and competing since I was a kid in many dinguies, later coaching and leading teams.

At the same time, the Enterprise environment has been my world for over 30 years, developed and handled sailing projects, international commerce, company management, resources knowledge, Client “need & feel” and  worldwide logistics.

I’ve been involved into Federations, Clubs, Organizations and Privates, promoted + launched the “XaMan Project” which aimed to provide personal guiding/happyness to blind sailors and, proud as well, to been helping Renting Ribs SL. along 4 years to climb to the top of Charter and Moving.

My Company La Baula S. SL. (link or connection in catalan) will lead your needs to the next step, always surrounded by direct Logistic providers or a wide range of assessors in financials, registering or legal tips.

I can be your SailAgent.

Direct Services

Container & Airfreight Booking

Where do you want us to move your boat, coachboat, trailer or equipment? We’ll inform you which are the best chances and if there’s an opportunity to share a container. Documentation, Packing List help, Transit Time, different quotes or routes if requested. Airfreight also available for urgent needs.

ATA Carnets & EU Import/Export

ATA Carnets are the most effective cost and quickest path to move your equipment worldwide. We can provide Carnets very quick. Temporary Import/Export from/to Barcelona or anywhere in Spain is one of our Services too. Consult us in case you need a definitive Import/Export too.

Contract Services

Oftenly Companies and authorities are requiring a Tax ID for Full or third party Insurances, flag or register your ship/coachboat or trailer, hire a long term vehicle or resolve your financial tips …. We can provide the method and do it for you.

Don’t Wait Any Longer, Check your needs and contact us 

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